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This is a vote FOR Mitt Romney
: Economy & Business

Romney will be much more aggressive with regards to the energy production, which will lead to significant reduction in oil prices and consequently to dramatic changes in the geopolitical situation in favor of US.  

Oil prices are not local, they are global and defined by a projection on the global supply - demand balance by the speculators whose opinion depends on their vision of where this balance will be shifting in the future. Under the normal circumstances (no fears of spontaneous disruptions) as any other industry the oi...
How will lower domestic oil prices affect the geopolitical situation in favor of the US?
More oil, short term economic solution at the expense of dramatic public health consequences, not to mention climate - your children and grand children will face the consequences of your vote on tuesday. Crisis is always good to reposition you on the right track - let s use this opportunity to actually change for better...
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What are the consequences of a more aggressive policy? Are you sure it is even in "everyone's" interests? Even short term?
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