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This is a vote AGAINST Barack Obama
: Foreign Relations

The way that the Obama and his cabinet handled the Benghazi incident was completely inappropriate.


A WSJ article on the subject - I feel very uncomfortable with Obama after the article.
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The president, like Bush and 9/11, was responding to an incident that he did not cause. The government is not a completely efficient and Obama should not be held responsible for all things that the government does wrong when things go wrong.
I agree. The way that he prioritizes his appearances also doesn't sit well with me.
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How is the sudden interest in the Libyan tragedy not politically motivated. See article below on how many other foreign tragedies have been all but ignored by candidates campaigning for the White House. Beirut in 87 especially.
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The president said, in reference to the event: "Here is what I will say, if four Americans get killed it is not optimal." While I acknowledge that this is a sound bite, a president referring to murder of four Americans as "not optimal" is absolutely unacceptable to me.
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