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What is WhyWeVote.org?

We all want to be responsible citizens. We try to be informed on the issues that are important to us and the votes we cast. Yet educating is difficult and time-consuming and no matter how much we know, there is always something that we do not.

WhyWeVote improves and organizes political discourse by allowing us to state, discover, and challenge each others' rationales.

WhyWeVote organizes information so that it is easier for us all to become well-informed members of our democratic society.

What should You do?

  • Find a well-articulated position that reflects your views. Mark it as your primary position.
  • Rate positions to help us organize the discussions: agree, disagree, mark positions as well-reasoned, emotional, etc.
  • Post a new position if you do not see one that reflects your views.
  • Respond to positions by asking questions, disagreeing, and clarifying.
  • Promote your position on FB, Twitter, email, megaphone, and whatever other means you can find.

Choosing a position and then seeing it challenged is hard - it requires thought and patience and can be humbling and intimidating. But our votes have tremendous consequences, so voting should not be taken lightly. If we better understand the issues and make better voting decisions, we'll be a healthier and more aware democracy.

We are:

Nikita Bernstein
www.nikitab.com, LinkedIn

Beracah Yankama
www.beracahyankama.com, LinkedIn

Argyro Nicolau

This venture runs on FairSetup.







Looking for
  • $ for marketing
  • Designers
  • People who care

2008 Prototype

Nikita built a prototype in 2008 to test out some assumptions. Now we am looking to do the same thing on a bigger scale.