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That suggests that the differences in compensation are from "discrimination" and require "effective enforcement".  Many differences in compensation derive simply from women behavior; i.e. the lack of negotiation and willingness to settle for lower salaries.  This is willingness to negotiate, put everything on the line, is not something that should be mandated away, having a negative effect on people with tangible differences in experience.  Not every issue is "discrimination" just because it doesn't go the way you want, or appears systemic.

Do you acknowledge that there are EVER cases of discrimination in compensation? Through your use of the qualifiers "many" and "not every," it appears that you do. In the however many or few discriminatory compensation cases that you think exist, do you believe that the employee affected should have a fair time frame in ...
The problem is that cases of discrimination in compensation can rarely be proven on an "individual basis". If an employer engages in systematic discrimination across a population, then those are a) easy to observe and b) already subject to class action to lawsuits. On an individual basis the defense of "competence" dif...
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