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This is nothing but speculation.  What Obama has done is simply ride an otherwise recovering economy and make fine speeches.  Despite the rhetoric about being an "idealist" and doing the "right thing", he hasn't fulfilled any of his campaign promises himself, and has only ridden on the "anti-bush" sentiment that still pervades the country.  In fact, I think that his administration has been marked almost explicitly by what is "politically easy".  If he actually had accomplished anything, he wouldn't have to spend his Presidential time attacking Romney, but say "I've been busy running the country".  No, Obama is not interested in making the world a better place, just in being President himself.

That seems a bit harsh. I agree that Obama rode the wave, but to say that he is only interested in being President I think is unfair. He has pushed through ObamaCare, he has accomplished a number of things (however misguided one may think they are). I agree that he has had very weak performance, but to say that he is ...
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