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While I do generally agree that the Fed should be run more like the corporation it is, treating taxpayers as shareholders, and having some accountability, I also do not think that Romney has an innate desire to understand the issues facing the country's internal cash flows.  His support of increased spending on the military shows this, given that such spending will continue to drive down the dollar and the taxpayer's investments into the country's economy.  i.e. the GDP value of the dollars that the taxpayers are putting into the country is less than they are getting out at a later date.  (For instance if stored in a bank).  The Fed should focus on reinvesting taxpayer dollars, not devaluing them and then increasing future tax burden to cover that devaluation.

US military spending in 2012 was 711 billion at 4.7% of US GDP. Whatever increases Romney might achieve, they would be very small in comparison to the system and thus would have a very small impact on the dollar (if any). Romney's fiscal policies in non-military areas would likely have a significantly higher impact on ...
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Investment in US military could lead to stabilization of markets in some of the more volatile areas of the world, which would strengthen world economies and the dollar along with them.
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